Yuan Liu

Photo of Yuan Liu

Associate Professor and Guest Instructor
The School of Law at the East China University of Science and Technology (EUCST) / Shanghai Hua Li Law Firm

Mr. Yuan Liu  is an associate professor, with a Law PhD, and a supervisor for master-degree students in the direction of food and drug supervision.  He is elected to be the council member of Criminal Law Association in Shanghai Law Society, a researcher of ECUST FDA center, and a part-time lawyer in Shanghai Huali law firm.  He has presided several provincial and municipal research programs recently, which include Research on Improving China Food Safety Regulatory System Based on the Empirical Investigation in Eight Cities (Ministry of Education 2012-2014), Research on Public Awareness of Food Safety (Shanghai Food and Drug Administration 2011-2013), Comparative Study on America, Europe and Japan’ Food Supervision Systems and the learning for China (ECUST fund of interdisciplinary and major projects 2010-2013), Legal Issues of University Technology Innovation and Transfer (ECUST Humanities and Social Science Fund 2010-2012), Food Safety Regulatory Subproject of the Construct of Shanghai Excellent Lawyer Incubator (Shanghai Education Commission 2012-2016), and some enterprise-entrusted studies, such as Research on the Legal Issues of Food Label, Research on Imported Food Supervision Law, etc.


COURSE:  Guest Instructor - Food Regulation in Asia