Auditing an IFLR Course


Are you interested in taking a course with the Institute for Food Laws & Regulations (IFLR), but not interested in receiving the college credits?

Perhaps you wish to take an IFLR course as a refresher, or simply to stay up to date, but you do not wish to take tests and complete the assignments.

You may enroll in IFLR courses as a visitor (auditor) on a non-credit basis. Students enrolled as visitors have full access to the class just as other enrolled students. Visitors are encouraged to participate regularly in the class discussions and other activities. However, visitors are not required to take quizzes or exams or complete the assignments.

Just like the other enrolled students, you will receive full access to the MSU Library electronic databases and related resources. These online resources can be worth the cost of your tuition.  In addition, the MSU Library Outreach Services are designed to meet the information needs of students registered off campus.   

You will also receive full access to an MSU email account and personal disk space on the campus AFS server.  Of course, each course provides the associated references, reading materials, and discussions on a wide variety of current topics. Please consult the information describing the course in which you are interested.  

To visit/audit a class, you enroll in the same manner as those students registering for-credit courses and pay the same tuition and fees, but simply select enrollment as a visitor on a non-credit basisSelection of visitor (auditor) status must be made by the fifth (5th) day of the semester for full-semester courses and by the second (2nd) day of the semester for short courses and may not be subsequently changed.

For more information on the university policy, see: