• Summer Academy on Global Food law & Policy
    The seventh Summer Academy in Global Food Law & Policy will take place at Getxo (Bilbao) - Spain - July 18-22, 2016. A distinguished faculty from relevant food organizations (WTO, Codex, EFSA, EU Commission), industry as well as academia will be animating cutting-edge discussions on the latests developments in global food governance, from food private standards to health claims, from US Food Modernization Acts to novel food regulation.
  • The Bug That Poisoned the President
    Interesting account of how President Zachary Taylor died from foodborne illness.  He probably was not the only American President felled by foodborne illness. His predecessor, James K. Polk, died of cholera and “debilitating diarrhea” a few weeks after leaving the White House.  Thomas Jefferson appears to have died of amoebic dysentery.   Several Presidents, including James Monroe and Andrew Jackson, are believed to have succumbed to tuberculosis, which can be transmitted via air or food.
  • The Park Doctrine-  A Serious Issue Food Company Executives Need to Know About | Leavitt Partners Blog
    The Park Doctrine is nothing new, but FDA is making the point that it will use this enforcement tool for misdemeanor prosecution as a strong deterrent.
  • Questions and Answers on the Food Safety Modernization Act
  •  7 Things You Should Know About The New Food Safety Law
    A summary from Food Processing magazine
  • FDA Reportable Food Registry Annual Report
    The Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) report on the first year of the Reportable Food Registry states that the data, ‘represent an important tool for targeting inspection resources, bringing high risk commodities into focus, and driving positive change in industry practices—all of which will better protect the public health.’